South Asia is home to some of the world’s most vibrant, historically-rich and culturally-diverse cities. However, twenty-first century economic development, rapid urbanization, and communal tensions now threaten the unique and complex built and social heritages of many of these cities. Walking Heritage into Future Cities addresses these challenges through a new model for sustainable urban tourism that combines the passion and dynamism of young scholars with the global reach of social media and the immediacy of walking in the city. The project is a collaboration between Heritage Walk Calcutta (HWC), who have pioneered this model, and the University of Exeter (Humanities and Business School).

Walking Heritage into Future Cities is funded through UK Global Challenges Research Fund which springboards initiatives that address Global Challenges and work with ODA listed countries. GCRF (Global Challenges Research Fund) is a UK Government funding scheme which connects excellence in academic research with UN and UK-defined global development goals.


Please feel free to email Tathagata Neogi (t.neogi@exeter.ac.uk) and Gill Juleff (g.juleff@exeter.ac.uk) if you have any queries. 


Dr Gillian Juleff

Senior lecturer in archaeology | University of Exeter g.juleff@exeter.ac.uk

Dr Tathagata Neogi

co-founder | heritage walk Calcutta | Hon. Research Fellow |University of Exeter | t.neogi@exeter.ac.uk

Prof. Tim Coles

professor of management (business school) | University of Exeter

Academic Collaborations

Dr Ruth Young

reader in archaeology | university of leicester

Collaborating Organizations

Heritage Walk Calcutta

kolkata, india

Heritage Walk Calcutta is an academic-run, research-oriented company that provides walking tours of Kolkata for locals and tourists to enable them to experience the city in a new way and connect with diverse local communities. We also organize workshops for children and adults that teach certain skills that are not otherwise available and that make them aware and responsible stakeholders for sustainable maintenance of our collective urban heritage in a time of rapid urban expansion.

Website: https://www.heritagewalkcalcutta.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heritagewalkcal/

Heritage Walk Karachi

karachi, pakistan

In January 2018 the Pakistan Chowk Community Centre (PCCC) launched a similar project called Heritage Walk Karachi. The aim of HWK and its founder Marvi Mazhar (Heritage Consultant Architect ) is to engage people from all over the modern city with the Old Town area, enabling them to explore normally inaccessible areas and buildings. HWK has conducted 21 Walks with 557 participants, and has collaborated with the Goethe Institute, Harvard Alumni and GoUnesco, as well as Karachi Institute of Business Management and three local universities.

Website: https://www.pakistanchowk.com/heritage-walk-karachi/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heritagewalkkhi/

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